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Good news for the clumsiest of hands, the new iPhone 14 has an advantage over the rest of its siblings and that is that it is easier to repair.

Apple introduced its new devices just a few weeks ago. The new family of terminals iPhone is headed by the iPhone 14, followed by the iPhone 14Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and lastly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. All these new iPhone phones arrive with interesting features on the outside, but what is important is the inside.

And, it is that, the new iPhone 14 has gone through the most used repair test in the world, which is the one offered by IFixit. Having gone through this test, it has been concluded that the iPhone 14 is the one with the highest rate of repairabilityabove the Plus model, Pro model and, of course, the pro max model.

Why is this important? To date, Apple phones have been characterized by being very complicated to repair. Only terminals that have several years behind them can be repaired without this becoming a complicated task, in fact, the last teams with this possibility are the iPhone with metal casing.

Thanks to the information that has come to us from the hand of Gizchina that has echoed the IFixit tests on the new iPhones, being more specific to the one that the iPhone 14 has passed, what can be seen is that the design of the device is intended for easy access. This model is now accessible from the rear.

The new iPhone 14 is easier to repair than the Pro Max model

The most curious thing about this whole matter is that Apple has never made this information explicit. In fact, from what can be seen on its website when it comes to talking about the design, only the exterior is commented on. Having quick access to the iPhone 14 is a plus and makes it a more interesting option for users.

The reason why it is much more interesting to have quick access when it comes to repairing the new iPhone is that, in the event of an accident, the price of the repair will be lower since there will be less risk of damaging any important component. To date to repair an iPhone both base models and pro-modelwas accessed through the screen.

By necessarily needing to lift the screen, what happened was that the panel was put at risk, this being one of the most expensive components. Normally repairs to any part of the phone carried the risk of cracking the screen. Now all that is over on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plusalthough the latter is not so simple to repair.

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