The best talents of the Spanish art scene

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    “I materialize my creativity as it arises: a bag with a screen, a hyper-realistic sculpture, a different sound… I feel that my mission in life is to channel creativity,” says lip custic (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1993). The artificialized, transformed or multiplied human body is central to the work of this Hispano-Croatian multidisciplinary artist, one of the most important figures on the current art scene. Photography, performance, video… From any discipline he addresses issues of personal identity and our relationship – in constant evolution – with technology. “My inertia is hyper-working and isolating myself to create, and sometimes I have to balance that, because then if you don’t live life, nothing inspires you.” He enjoys retouching in Photoshop – “My favorite moment of creation” – and traveling: “I can’t wait to go to Japan, get hot and see museums.”

    Philip Custic

    They say that he is a tightrope walker, juggler and, above all, a multidisciplinary artist. He has worked as a creative for international publications, large fashion firms; He developed the cover of Rosalía’s album El Mal Querer, and now, under the auspices of the SOLO Collection, he is preparing a capsule collection of jewelry accessories. Crochet poncho and shorts, both cotton, by LOEWE, braided synthetic leather slippers by EMPORIO ARMANI and her own earrings.

    Santiago Belize

    They have been playing together for 20 years and the spark is still alive. “When we started, we didn’t even know how to play, but before that we had that instinct to have a good time,” says Gabi Montes (voice and bass). They just released their fourth album, Liberation Street, and they admit that this new stage has been for them: “We came from a time of frustration wondering what we were doing. Now we know that it is as simple as making songs together and having fun,” he emphasizes. What they enjoy the most is precisely that: “Creating a song, giving it shape. Making something real that doesn’t exist,” says Jose Luna (guitar and vocals), and getting on stage, of course, where more than zebras are real lions: “We connect very well with the public. We break that fourth wall very easily, we get naked and we are transparent. And that gives rise to a very cool show”. And so much: Jaleo Tour is unmissable this summer.

    sexy zebras

    This band from Madrid has a riotous summer ahead of it. This is the name of one of the songs on their latest album, Calle Liberación, and their current tour, Jaleo Tour, which will take them to cities like Marratxí, Mallorca (07/01), Gijón (07/05) or A Coruña in these months. (08/27).from left From left to right, Jesús and Gabi are wearing jackets and jeans, all by THE KOOPLES, and Jose, a wool jacket by SANDRO and jeans by LOUIS VUITTON. They all pose with JAVIER MORATO VALVERDE DEL CAMINO leather ankle boots and their own jewelry.

    Santiago Belize

    “I’m still in transition, seeing how I find myself singing live –explains Kiki (Granada, 1989)–. I’ve always been a classic flamenco singer, with guitar and clapping, but this new album, the sing, has electronic sounds and it’s quite an adventure for me”. His father, the great Enrique Morente, was ahead of his time, daring and went beyond all canons; but he is following that same trail: “In flamenco there is Open doors thanks to him and many others, the same ones that we cantaores of our generation are going through. Always pulling from the origin, I really like to experiment, reach other audiences, whether from tradition, innovation or purity. You have to create new things”. For this singer, enjoying is “getting on stage and meeting a dedicated audience; music is so emotional that when you get it all out it’s on stage”.

    kiki morente

    Carrying the weight of the enormous legacy of his father, Enrique Morente, on his shoulders is not easy, but singer and musician Kiki is doing the honors. He has just released a new album, El Cante, with which he will tour festivals such as Starlite, Trocadero or the Noches del Botánico, and is preparing another flamenco album with Juanito Habichuela.Morente poses with a printed silk shirt by MANS CONCEPT, jeans by THE KOOPLES and ankle boots, a watch and his own jewelry.

    Santiago Belize

    “I was not good at studying and I felt lost until a friend’s mother recommended that I try acting. I fell in love,” says Pellicer (Murcia, 1997). He thus entered Juan Codina’s studio in Madrid, where he started fast: he starred in the film soulsafter the series fugitive and now Paradise, whose second season premieres this summer. “I love telling stories, one way or another. I have a great time,” she explains.

    His long but intense career has already taught him some vital lessons: “I value tranquility very much, and that in this profession is very complicated. Everything is fast and volatile, there is a lot of instability. That is why I am happy in the moments that I have to reflect. This summer, I have decided to cancel all the personal plans I had, take my dog, rent a van and tour Portugal.

    ivan pellicer

    His name is one of the most vibrant on the current scene, so take note. This Murcian with acting in his veins premieres the second season of Paraíso (Movistar Plus+) at the beginning of summer and is preparing his big hit on Netflix for September with Sagrada Familia, the next series by Manolo Caro, and The criminal readers club. Iván poses with a velvet jacket, cotton shirt, Adidas x Gucci Yard GG pants jacquard and leather moccasins, all from GUCCI, and their own earrings.

    Santiago Belize

    In June 2014, a Hispanic-Croatian born in Gijón, Asturias (1996), exclusively opened the Prada show in Milan. Since then, he has done more than 200 shows for brands like Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, Versace or Balmain. He has also starred in advertising campaigns that have taken him from Tom Ford or Balenciaga to Carolina Herrera or Calvin Klein.

    “I have been a model for eight years, but now I have delved into acting. They are two different worlds, but at the same time they are very united, there are things that can be taken advantage of from fashion to acting and vice versa”. He has just worked under Jesús Font playing a teenage vampire in HollyBlood, and assures that he wants to continue in front of the cameras. Thanks to his profession, he has had the opportunity to travel to many places, and it is “perhaps what I like the most and what makes me enjoy life: discovering new places and new cultures. This summer I want to go to Santorini and other Greek islands” .

    Piero Mendez

    He was discovered as a model at the age of 18 and has walked for the big luxury brands around the world, but he has just discovered his other passion: interpretation. HollyBlood is now premiering, the new teen romantic comedy by Jesús Font, and he already has several scripts under his belt.The model and actor wears a cotton jacket by GANT, a cotton polo shirt by LOUIS VUITTON andshorts MANS CONCEPT cotton brooch.

    Santiago Belize

    He says that he has painted for as long as he can remember, although Pablo’s (Madrid, 1992) life has taken many unexpected turns. After his first exhibition, at the age of 16, he was catapulted into art by the good reviews. So, she decided to train in Painting and Drawing in New York at the house of the critical art historian Dore Ashton: “When I came back, I felt an enormous need not to lock myself up to paint, but to live, to have a vital experience to transmit”. He emigrated to Paris, where he studied Philosophy for three months at the Sorbonne, worked as a waiter in the City of Light, and went to live south of Essaouira, Morocco.

    “There, a group of fishermen invited me to work with them; six months later, a shipowner from the French Basque Country employed me as a fisherman for six years.” It was then that he met what is now his wife and they had Nawel, his son. That’s where he got the life experience that has made him recover the desire to paint: “We came to my grandfather’s house, in Cuenca, and I have dedicated five years exclusively to my painting, enjoying my wife and my son, my eldest work of art, or the ecological garden that we have managed to create”.

    paul lazarus

    He was a sailor, waiter and fisherman until the pictorial vocation knocked on his door. Grandson of the illustrious painter Antonio Saura, Pablo held his first exhibition at the age of 16 thanks to the designer Sybilla and has just shown his latest creations at Nave Oporto. Attention! In 2022 he will open his grandfather’s House Museum in Cuenca as an Open Studio. Pablo poses in a trench coat and pants, both linen, by EMPORIO ARMANI, a cotton T-shirt by LOUIS VUITTON and his own hat.

    Santiago Belize

    (Barcelona, ​​1990): “When people connect with what you tell, it’s magical.” In getting in front of the public he has experience: after doing commercials and small roles in series, at 14 he signed for Disney. “That’s when I realized that this was not just a game, that I wanted to dedicate myself to it,” he concedes. Since then he has done series, movies, theater and musicals. He now he stars in the play Ladies Football Club, while also showing her face with the music group she shares with her partner, Hotel Flamingo. “Music has always been chasing me, but she didn’t pay enough attention to it, she gave me respect, because there I have to be myself and without taking refuge in any character.”

    andrea guasch

    Actress and singer, Guasch began spinning appearances in commercials until at age 14 she debuted on the Disney Channel and her life changed. Now, in addition, she also has her own band, Hotel Flamingo. This summer she will combine all her passions traveling, playing live, premiering the film Finlandia and in the theater, resuming the Ladies Football Club tour.shirt and shorts, both in silk, by EMPORIO ARMANI, and leather moccasins by CAROLINA HERRERA.

    Santiago Belize

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