The Boca market did not end: possible sale of Agustín Rossi, pending losses and replacement of Exequiel Zeballos

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The Xeneize works to get rid of those players with contractual problems.

In Argentina, the TMS was officially closed to bring in players, but for Boca Juniors the market has not yet ended. In the club they are working to take advantage of the countries that they can still incorporate and thus be able to get rid of those soccer players that they will not take into account for 2023. On the other hand, it is being analyzed whether the AFA will be asked for that extra quota to bring a soccer player for the injury suffered by Exequiel Zeballos in the Argentine Cup.


A topic that will be Boca’s agenda in the coming weeks has Agustín Rossi as the absolute protagonist. The goalkeeper, along with his representative Miguel González, rejected the club’s second renewal offer, raising a counteroffer of almost 20 million dollars that Xeneize cannot pay. The situation escalated, the agent threatened that in January they will be able to negotiate with another institution without leaving anything to the blue and gold, and forced the leadership to have to find a destination before that date.

Boca has Sergio “Chiquito” Romero as Agustín Rossi’s replacement in the rotation. The goalkeeper signed until December 2024 and now he will have to fight with Javier García and Leandro Brey for ownership.

With that resolved, Xeneize now seeks to find a destination for Agustín Rossi so that he does not leave without leaving anything for the club. Although Flamengo – the only one that has offered for him during the renewal negotiations – and Elche sounded, the reality is that Boca is in dialogue with Girona to carry out the operation. The Spanish team is part of the City Group and is looking for a player in that position now that they have been promoted to the first division. But, in addition to the player in blue and gold, they are studying Matías Dituro, an Argentine who stood out in the League and who is now performing at the Catholic University.

Beyond the Agustín Rossi issue, Boca will have to see what will happen with Jorman Campuzano and Agustín Almendra. Two soccer players whose contract also expires in the middle of 2023, so if they are not negotiated this year they can leave without leaving anything to the club.

In the case of the Colombian, the club had everything agreed for the salary improvement, but in the end the player decided not to renew. Boca tried to involve Lanús in a swap that included Jorman Campuzano and Tomás Belmonte. But the dismissal of Jorge Almirón on the Granate bench caused the operation to fall. The Xeneize is now trying again to extend their bond and then transfer it to Brazilian football.

Different is that of Agustín Almendra, with whom they had to overcome several unusual inconveniences. From the outset, when the current leadership arrived in Boca, the midfielder stopped training and even threatened to leave football. There, both Juan Román Riquelme and the then newcomer Marcos Rojo were vital for him to reconsider and achieve the best version of him since he debuted. Then came the conflict with Sebastián Battaglia and Darío Benedetto, in which the Football Council intervened, allowing him to at least play in the reserve. With the change of coach, it was thought that he would be part of the first-class rotation again, but the leadership found this position that they think has to do with his representative.


Exequiel Zeballos’ injury allows Boca Juniors to incorporate a footballer despite the fact that the transfer market is closed. To do so, the club will have to present to the AFA, between now and Wednesday, the official request in which it presents the footballer’s medical report. The requirements guarantee Xeneize, because the boy will have more than four months to recover and because more than 66% of the championship has not yet been played.

In case of presenting this request, Boca will have ten days to negotiate for that footballer, almost equaling the time they have in Europe to negotiate. Although this possible reinforcement does not necessarily have to play in the same position, the only players who may be eligible for this quota are those who play in Argentina, or anyone who has been released in the world before July 7.

Despite this possibility, and the rumors of Diego Valoyes as the target, Boca does not seem willing to use this possibility. In fact, this could revive the attempt by an Edison Cavani who still does not have a club with less than 100 days to go before the World Cup. But, for now, the leadership is pending to accompany Exequiel Zeballos and has not yet presented this formal request to AFA.


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