The brand of cars that wants to leave them parked

The emission reduction coming from mobility contemplates different strategies. From the sustainability of the energy sources used to the manufacture of more efficient vehicles, passing through clean forms of displacement or the recycling of components.

In this line of collaboration with pollution control, Ford has just launched an initiative in Spain that was already underway in other countries. Its objective is to reduce, at a minimum, a million urban journeys across Europe over the next few months.

With the name of ‘Park the car’ (park the car, in English), the oval brand wants to promote that stop using the car for short trips. His proposal is that it be replaced by other mobility formulas emission-free and healthier, such as walking, cycling or scootering.

According to data facilitated by the car company, half of the urban trips by car in Europe do not reach the five kilometers away, even at 30% are less than three kilometers. They are tours that can be done in bicycle or walking, long enough to reduce each person’s carbon footprint by a 84%.

In addition, limiting the use of the car would be essential to reduce the bottlenecks traffic, one of the major burdens borne by drivers in large cities: it is estimated that each European citizen lose 36 hours a year in jams.

Initiatives in Spain

Ford Spain promote this type of travel with different activities and initiatives throughout the year. will be developed in Madrid (where its head office is located) and Valencia (due to the location of its Spanish factory) and will be used both for company employees and for the general public.

The intention of each event is to promote a efficient management of short trips, which will allow citizens to enjoy a healthier life and a more careful environment. The project Park the car is part of Ford’s commitment to achieve the carbon neutrality in its facilities, logistics and suppliers by 2035.

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