The British distinction that Elizabeth II gave to Felipe VI

In the year 2019, Philip VI happened to become part of the Most Noble Order of the Garterconsidered the highest distinction awarded by the british monarchy and one of the most prestigious in the worldin a ceremony that took place at noon in the windsor castle, just outside London. In this way, he joined a select group of European monarchs whom the queen Isabel II granted the honor of belonging to the noble congregation.

Its motto is “Honi soit qui mal and I thought” (“May he who has thought badly be ashamed”), something that responds to the Edward III challenge against those who questioned Your right to be the successor to the throne of France. However, there is another apparently prettier version, but without a credible basis that refers to Joan of Kent. The motto is found on the coat of arms of the United Kingdomsurrounding the four barracks that compose it.

First people to receive it

The Order of the Garter has its headquarters at Windsor Castle, a weekend residence of the former British queen. The investiture of the new knights takes place in the Throne Room and later the chapter meets in St George’s Chapelwhich began to be built in the year the order was founded.

The first to receive it was Alfonso V of Aragon and of Naples (1450)which was followed Ferdinand the Catholic; Felipe I “the Beautiful”; Carlos I; Philip II; Ferdinand VII, Alfonso XII, Alfonso XII and Juan Carlos Iinvested in 1989. The first woman to be invested was Philippa d’Hainautthe wife of Edward III.


The oldest records of the Order of the Garter are lost in several fires, although it is recorded that he founded it King Edward III, on Saint George’s Day in 1348. Legend has it that she was born when the monarch was dancing at a party with the Countess of Salisbury and tied a blue garter that had come off on her leg.

before the murmurs As this aroused at court, the king uttered the above-mentioned Latin phrase. Membership in the Order is lifebut the possibility of being expelled for committing crimes of heresy, treason or cowardice.

Link with Spain

The English Order is considered the most prestigious in the world along with the Order of the Golden Fleecefounded in 1429 by the Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders, Philip III of Burgundy. This is closely linked to the dynasty of the Habsburg and the crowns of Austria and Spain.

The Golden Fleece grants her the king of Spainalthough with the War of Succession at the beginning of the 18th century, split off and an Austrian branch was created. They include the treatment of Excellenceforever that its holder does not have another of higher rank.

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