The budget of Joker 2 will double that of the original film

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MADRID, 12 Aug. (CultureLeisure) –

Despite recent cutbacks Warner Bros.it seems that the study will spare no expense for one of his most anticipated films, Joker: Folie a Deux. New information indicates that the budget of the musical sequel to Jokerwhich will again direct Todd Phillips and will be starring joaquin phoenix Y Lady Gaga, will double that of its predecessor.

As reported by Variety, both Phoenix and Philips they will receive 20 million dollars each for the film, while Lady Gagawho will give life to Harley Quinn, will receive 10 million. These astronomical salaries, added to the high cost of producing complicated musical sequences, would raise the sequel’s budget to approximately 150 million dollars. This is double what it cost to produce the original film, whose budget was between 55 and 75 million.

Despite the scandalous figure, it is a lower budget than most superhero movies, which typically hover around $200 millionas in the case of batman. However, it is disturbing news after the announcement of the cancellation of the premiere of batgirl, which meant a cost of 90 millionas a strategy of tax reduction.

This decision falls under Warner Bros.’s new bet: a “reset” of your DC Universe betting only on theatrical releases of films with great impact both at the box office and in the media, following a roadmap similar to the one outlined by Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios.

Joker managed to raise over a billion dollarsbecoming the first film with an R rating (‘restricted’ or ‘restrictida’ in Spanish) to achieve it, and won two Oscars: a best Actorfor the applauded interpretation of Phoenix, already best soundtrackthanks to the musical work of Hildur Gudnadóttir. Thus, it is to be hoped that its sequel will follow the same steps.

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