The Byers house from ‘Stranger Things’ is for sale

One of the most iconic properties of stranger things is for sale, but unlike other places, this house is not fictional, armed or created just for the series, but it exists, it is functional and it is located in a quiet area; Likewise, it is believed that it is a very cheap piece that will eventually double its cost thanks to the reference to the Netflix series.

The place we are talking about is the byers house, in which Will, Jonathan and Joyce Byers live. In fact, they were able to stay there for a while to feel completely attached to the house. It was built in 1900 and although it was a bit “cheap” at the time, today it is not so much, but it is enough for fans to access it.

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Where is the Byers house located?

Unfortunately for loyal fans of stranger things, the byers house It is not set in Hawkings, because, unfortunately, it is a city created for history. But it should be noted that the byers house is in Fayetteville, Ga. In fact, the place is quite a busy space, but quiet enough to live in, therefore, the owner has described it as an ideal space to be Airbnb, so the new owner can make this house the most “Stranger Things”.

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The cost is really affordable

As we mentioned earlier, The Byers house is for sale for $300,000. and the size of the house is 560 square meters, over six acres. However, experts believe that the cost is not high because it requires repairs and some changes, which will give it more value, just like the name and reference itself.

In the house you can see the most iconic spaces, starting with that wall where Joyce puts up Christmas lights so she can communicate with her son. In fact, that’s probably the most memorable sequence in the entire series—along with Eleven and her bleeding nose—which was shot on location.

This house became one of the locations of stranger things thanks to the fact that the Duffer brothers, the producers of the series, approached the owners of the byers house that there are seven brothers to offer them a trust and be able to film there in 2015 and now, they prefer to have an extra income by putting it in the real estate market.


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