The children of Britney Spears become the battlefield of the dispute with her ex-husband Kevin Federline

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kevin federlinethe musician, dancer and star of reality (best known for being the ex-husband of Britney Spears) has spoken in a long interview for the British television channel ITV. Although it has not yet been issued in its entirety, the Daily Mail has published in recent days some fragments that have already caused a reaction from Spears, in the process of rebuilding her life.

Most notable have been Federline’s statements about the two children he shares with Spears, two teenagers aged 16 and 15. in them, affirms that the two boys have chosen not to see their mother despite not living very far from her home in Los Angeles. Spears and her new husband, Sam Asgharirecently left Spears’ Thousand Oaks mansion for a new home in Calabasas, California, valued at €11.4 million.

“The boys have decided not to see her for now,” Federline says in the interview. “They haven’t seen her for a few months. They made the decision not to go to her wedding”keep going.

Federline also calls watching her children witness the public battle between Spears and her father, Jamie Spears, over her conservatorship “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.” affirms that he considers that the controversial guardianship in questionfrom which the star has spent years struggling to break free, was launched with the best of intentions. “When Jamie took over, he put everything in order. He saved her life,” he opines.

He also adds that Spears’s recent tendency to post selfie in which it comes out nude on his Instagram profile has forced him to, in the words of the Daily Mail“to apologize to the boys for any criticism they have received as a result.” “I try to explain to them that maybe for her it’s just another way of trying to express herself, but that doesn’t stop it from affecting them.. It’s tough,” adds Federline.

He also maintains that he bears no grudge against Jamie Spears or any other member of the rest of the Spears clan. “Of course I would let Jamie Spears be back in the lives of the boys” he says, even though he and Britney’s father once had their own legal disagreements. “People make mistakes. I feel bad for him, I think they have given him a very bad time.”

Currently, Federline lives with his wife, the former professional volleyball player. Victoria Prince, with whom he shares two other children. In the interview she mentions that his two older children, which she had with his ex-girlfriend Shar Jacksonvisit them regularly, bringing their offspring to six children with three different women.


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