The choice of the new James Bond 007 goes a long way: they are looking for a commitment… of more than 10 years!

The license to kill has not yet been transferred to another candidate. James Bond 007 will continue with new action adventures in the future, but everything seems to indicate that the process of choosing the new actor will take time. In statements to Varietyproducers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have confirmed that the process of casting it is still in the beginning stages.

Throughout these months there have been several rumors about possible candidates to embody to Bond. One of the most famous has been the name of Idris Elba (Luther), a performer that the producers like, but who doesn’t seem to fit in with their goal. The intention is to hire an actor who plays the character for more than a decade, so they will surely look for a young actor, especially when the duration of the agreement will exceed 10 years.

“The thing is, it’s a couple of years away. When we choose Bond the commitment is 10-12 years”, Broccoli has said. The producer assures that “not everyone wants something like that” and that it was difficult to get Daniel Craig for the role. Wilson also recalls that the actor was still in his early thirties when he first played the undercover spy.

60th anniversary, Goldeneye and new video game

As those responsible for film adaptations prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of James Bond in the cinema, Rare has announced the return of the most successful video game from 007. Goldeneye will be back on Nintendo Switch Online, while Xbox console and Game Pass users can enjoy a revamped version of the classic.

IO-Interactive, the creators of the Hitman saga, are going to be in charge of designing a completely new James Bond video game. The project is in full development, so there are not many details about it yet, beyond that will narrate an original story with no connection to the films.

Source | Variety

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