The creator of ‘Sandman’ wrote this nightmarish work of dark fantasy that you can see through Amazon Prime Video

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Neil Gaiman’s name is becoming especially relevant thanks to the success of his ambitious adaptation of ‘Sandman‘ on Netflix. The series manages to approach the complex and daring scale of the author’s own comics, with large-scale production and good adaptation of the main plot lines. But his greatest success is knowing how to take the tone of dark fantasy with philosophical and metaphysical intentions towards an entertaining and powerful series.

Bringing Gaiman to the screen is not easy, although there have been some successful adaptations. Gaiman himself has had intentions of bringing his very personal touch to screenwriting, which has not been an immediate success, although it has been able to gain a certain cult following. It is a bit the case of the unknown but fascinating ‘the glass mask‘, a particular independent film that can be found right now within the Prime Video catalog.

Gaiman writes the script from the development of a story conceived together with Dave McKean, director of the film as well as a great visual designer who has also worked illustrating several Gaiman works (including ‘Sandman’). That so characteristic and almost nightmarish visual touch is amply reflected in this fantasy story in which a young woman with dreams of abandoning her earthly life ends up in the Dark Lands, a supernatural place full of impossible and twisted landscapes and creatures, and to To escape you will need to obtain the Crystal Mask.

Its aesthetic finish, highly dependent on special effects, is somewhat anchored by the technology of the time (2005) and by the small budget it had. Even so, the designs are full of pure craftsmanship, measured to the millimeter to be as dreamlike as they are dark. His bet is undoubtedly daring, but attractive to a certain extent, drawing the best of Gaiman oriented towards shocking stories for children (where also enters ‘Coraline’s worlds‘). At best, it is an ambitious film like no other, which leaves no one indifferent.

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