The curious story of the hearse designed by Queen Elizabeth herself

Last On September 8, Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away at the age of 96. A studied and strict protocol began to fire her. Or not so strict?

The use of vehicles that have transported his mortal remains It has been one of the star topics in news and social networks around the world. And it is that, in the first place, it was used a Mercedes-Benz to transport the royal coffin from Baltimore Palace to Edinburgh Cathedral and from there to the local airport for the journey to the Northolt Royal Air Force Military Airfield, in London, before coming to the Buckingham Palace where the burning chapel was installed.

The controversy was unleashed after using a German brand car on these first journeys, although it must also be remembered that Mercedes Benz comes from Daimler Benz, the parent company of cars Daimler that the queen liked so much.

And it is that Elizabeth II was very fond of vehicles and drive their own models, even without having a driving license, one of the many privileges of his position. But it is also true that she, on very few occasions, was seen behind the wheel of some model that not out of English brand. In fact, the aforementioned Daimler, land rover or course, rolls royce, They were among his favorite brands.

The hearse of the queen of England

Yes, from the gigantic RAF Boeing C17 (British Air Force), eight members of the Royal Guard they shouldered the coffin with the mortal remains of the sovereign to a Jaguar XF with hearse body.

The affection of the British people is reflected in the flowers that were thrown at the Jaguar XF with the coffin.

A very special car, since it was designed exclusively for the British royal family by the company Wilcox Limousines, specializing in preparations for luxury vehicles, and with specifications that the queen herself indicated.

To begin with, the dark garnet shade called Royal Claret Livery it is the color assigned to the royal house and that has already been seen in other vehicles used by the queen herself and other members of the family.

Being a hearse, it has a increased wheelbase to accommodate the coffin and its glazed rear section has a high ceiling and lighting that the queen requested so that the British people could see the coffin in possible overnight transfers.

This Jaguar XF has several modifications, such as the raised and glazed rear.

But perhaps the most curious thing about this Jaguar XF is in the hood. And it has a small silver sculpture of Saint George slaying a dragon. It stages the legend of the patron saint of England, which now also gives its name to the chapel where Queen Elizabeth II was buried with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

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