The daughters of Boncó Quiñongo arrive in the United States

Conrad Cogle, better known as Bonco Quinongo, couldn’t be happier. After several years of separation, she has finally managed to have her two daughters, Naomí and Natalí, with him in Miami.

The good news was announced by the humorist himself on his Instagram profile by sharing a video from the airport where he received them with his wife Regla.

“My two princesses just arrived. We are already here”, said Boncó singing, at that moment that he himself classified as a “beautiful moment”.

Capture Instagram / Boncó Quiñongo

“All my mulatto girls are here now,” said the Cuban actor very proudly, referring to his daughters and his partner.

Boncó has two other younger children, the twins Onyx and Onassis, and although they did not go to the airport because they were at school, he assured that the team is complete with “the mulatto women, the mulatto women and the black man.”

The humorist said in another video on facebook that the two came through the volcanoes, as it is popularly called to cross the border through Mexico, and said that more surprises will come very soon.

Last June Boncó managed to reunite his four children in the Dominican Republichis mother and his wife, a family reunion that he thoroughly enjoyed.

“Right now google ‘happy man’, ‘happy man’, ‘fulfilled man’ and this photo will come out,” he wrote on that occasion next to an image next to his family.

The first time that Boncó and his family were able to meet again was in 2018also in the Dominican Republic, where their older daughters were able to travel after several years without seeing them.

The former member of the humorous group Pagola la Paga has lived in Miami since 2005 where he has managed to continue developing his artistic career as a comedian, on television and even in the cinema by filming the movie in 2019 planted.

However, for Boncó, beyond the professional successes, having his whole family by his side is without a doubt the greatest happiness of his life.

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