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What do you do when you want to remember the life of a historical figure? Read his biography? See a documentary made by prestigious historians? Of course not. The best thing is to resort to a fiction series…

The first season of The Crownreleased in 2016, has risen to the Netflix top 2 last week, after the death of queen elizabeth ii.

Today the historical truth, or at least the truth that matters, is not in books or rigorous documentaries. It’s in the TV series. Because fiction is more interesting than reality.

So after the death of Isabel IIeveryone has launched to see the first season of The Crownto remember his life. Last week season 1 went straight into Netflix’s third place worldwidedespite not being a new season, since it premiered in 2016. Season 2, in seventh position:

The first season of The Crown accumulated more than 40 million hours viewed between September 12 and 18. Season 2 stayed at almost 17 million hours.

Something similar has happened in Spain: Season 1 of The Crown was placed ranked number 4 of the most seen in Netflix.

The Crown is an exclusive Netflix series, focused on the life of queen elizabeth ii of England. Season 1 kicks off with the marriage between the queen and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Currently 4 seasons have been broadcast.

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The monarchies they generate debate among citizens, but continue to fascinate society. These days it has been released the controversial documentary Save the Kingwhich tells the hidden life of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, and is currently the second most watched content on HBO Max in Spain, after La Casa del Dragón.

The Crown season 5 will premiere in November on Netflix, with the plot already settled in the 21st century. Season 6, with some episodes shot in Spain, will be the last. These days, History has written the end of the series, with the death of the Queen isabel IIone of the most important historical figures of the last century.

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