The demands of ‘Jurassic World’ to Bryce Dallas Howard: “They asked me not to use my body in the movies”

‘Jurassic-Park’ did not end up being enough for fans of dinosaur movies, and therefore, Colin Trevorrowgot down to work to create the reboot of ‘Jurassic World’which has given rise to three films that have conquered fans of the first saga, with newer technology and a cast that has received almost as many good reviews as Laura Dern, Sam Neill and company.

The turn came to a Chris Pratt who has earned a lot -financially speaking, 10 million dollars per film- with his role as Owen GradyAlready Bryce DallasHowardwho has not had it so easy to interpret Claire Dearingand it is that in an interview granted to ‘Meter‘, he wanted to tell how some of the producers have required him to, among other things, lose weight.

A measure that he had to face until the last of the films, ‘Dominion’, when they did allow him to show off his “natural body”: “What allowed me to make this film was… how do I say it, how do I say it. .. I had been asked not to use my natural body in the movies”, has begun explaining.

However, in the third of the films, the director, Colin Trevorrow interceded for her: “In the third film there were so many women in the cast that Colin thought he should protect me, once the conversation came back: ‘We have to ask Bryce to lose weight’”. “Colin said: ‘There are many types of women on this planet and many types of women in our movie,'” she added, referring to the fact that it made it easier for him not to have to lose weight to play her character for the third time.

And it is that the actress thinks that, if she had lost a lot of weight, she would not have been able to carry out some action scenes from the movies: “I had to do so many action scenes that would not have been possible if I had been on a diet.. I love all the action that I had to do, and I was able to do it with my body, with maximum strength. I hope that is another indication of what is possible”, she concluded.

She wasn’t the only one to be pressured

She was not the only woman to experience production pressures, but DeWanda Wisewho played kayla wattsalso had to deal with some behind-the-scenes members: “There was a lot of resistance to Kayla having musclesto what it means to be a woman, to look like a woman”.

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