The Department of Justice is entangled with the search of Trump’s house and remains silent

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public opinion in USA «burns» divided before the registry of the FBI from the former president’s house donald trump in Sea-to-LakeFlorida, in search of confidential documents that the tycoon would have taken from the White House at the end of his term.

Former US President Donald Trump

However, the discomfort is not concentrated only among the militants and politicians of the Republican Party.

officials of the Justice Department they are angry at the way the situation has been handled and, in particular, at the way it has been communicated.

As published by the CNNthe attorney general Merrick Garland He is drowned in demands from the Republicans to explain the reasons for the search, which they consider a partisan attack, a “witch hunt” of the “Gestapo”, against Trump and the Republican Party.

The lack of a clear explanation of the details of the Department’s operation has given free rein to speculation, conspiracy theories and dialectical attacks against the FBI, which Republican circles already call «regime police», and against the Prosecutor’s Office.

The situation in the Department of Justice is maximum tension. Some of his officials demand a public statement explaining the circumstances in which the search of the house of a former president took place and that an end to the attacks against the organization.

The criticisms of the officials themselves are also poured with the way in which the search was carried out: at 10 in the morning, with agents dressed in civilian clothes and taking advantage of the fact that Trump was traveling in New York.

Attorney General Garland defends himself and justifies his silence on the grounds that his duty is protect ongoing research.

In the Republican Party the tide of anger seems not to recede. Some lawmakers even called for defunding and eliminating the FBI.

A somewhat contradictory request in a party that made the Democratic rhetoric of reducing police funding its workhorse during the movement’s demonstrations “Black Lives Matter».

On the contrary, the Democrats, who during the Trump administration claimed to limit the powers of the police, now repeat slogans of respect for the law and law enforcement defense.

For his part, the director of the FBI, Christopher Wraystated that the threats received by federal agents are a matter of great concern to the Agency.

During a press conference in Nebraska, Wray pointed out that the violence and threats to officers “are not the answerregardless of who you’re mad at.”

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