The dollar rises to 180 pesos in the Cuban informal market

The value of the dollar, the euro and the freely convertible currency (MLC) in the Cuban informal market continues to explode and shows no sign of slowing down, but rather It goes from record to record.

Especially significant is the case of the US currency, which this Tuesday, September 20, is sold at 180 pesosnamely, four pesos more than the day beforein which its average price was 176 CUP.

In the case of the European currency, it rose to 179 CUP (also four pesos more than on Monday), while the price of MLC stands at 176 CUP (one peso more than yesterday).

The daily monitoring data on the value of foreign currencies made by the independent media outlet The touch reaffirm the sustained upward trend despite government measures, which almost a month ago set the state sale in the Exchange Houses (CADECAS) in 123.60 pesos.

The representative exchange rate in the informal market in Cuba shows reference values ​​calculated from the median of the figures published in foreign exchange trading ads on social media groups and classified sites.

In the last hours there were announcements that the dollar was even sold at 183 CUP, which could be an indication that the price of the US currency in the informal market will continue to rise.

To know the variation of the values, the messages of the last 24 hours before the closing time of the information are compared with the values ​​of the previous day.

Since August 23, the Cuban regime established the sale in Cuba of foreign currency at 123.60 pesos to natural persons, but under certain conditions and limits that from the first moment generated a avalanche of criticism from the population.

In the first days after the implementation of the new measure, Cubans denounced long linesa demand higher than the supply and in general several signs of inefficiency in the service provided by the Exchange Houses.

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