the dungeon manga will have its own series produced by the studio of ‘Promare’

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It had already been leaked months ago ‘Dungeon Meshi’ (which in Spain has been translated with the excellent name of ‘Gobblers and Dungeons‘) would have an anime adaptation, although it has rained a lot until we have had news for sure.

The definitive confirmation has arrived this same month, and it is that if Studio Trigger already took care of a small animated promo for the manga, now we know that they will also produce the anime series.

Gastronomy and adventures

The 12th compiled volume of ‘Dungeon Meshi’ has just been published with surprises, because in the headline of the manga of Ryoko-kui the anime is confirmed to be underway.

There is still no release date, but a first promotional image has been released with the group of protagonists and it has been confirmed that Studio Trigger (‘Promare’) will be in charge of animation.

Trigger already produced a small advertisement years ago to promote the release of the eighth volume of the manga, so they already have a taste of the characters and the world of ‘Dungeon Meshi’. Although seeing the quality that the study has achieved with other recent series with ‘BNA: Brand New Animal‘, the anime of ‘Dungeon Meshi‘ can be a real wonder.

The ‘Dungeon Meshi’ manga is posed as a story of fantasy and comedy set in a world where expeditions into endless dungeons are the order of the day, heavily inspired by ‘Dungeons and Dragons’.

Dungeon Meshi

When the sister of Laios is devoured by a dragon and all the team’s supplies have been lost, it seems that everything is lost for the group of adventurers… Until they meet a very particular dwarf who introduces them to the wonderful world of the gastronomy of the dungeons.

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