The exclusive 40 euro coin that Spain will launch

Photo: AS.

Spain will release an exclusive 40-euro coin to celebrate the maritime expedition initially led by Ferdinand Magellan, which is considered the first circumnavigation of the world.

According to the site ACEin the last four years the government has been celebrating with different events the historic voyage of Magellan – Elcano that opened the doors to the world to discover.

In this way, they conceived a tribute that foresees the launch of a limited edition of one million coins with a value of 40 euros.

It will reflect on its back a world map by the Italian cartographer Battista Agnese, as an image from the holdings of the National Library of Spain.

In its upper part it will contain in a circular way and in capital letters, the legend “V CENTENARIO VUELTA AL MUNDO” and below the value of the coin “40 euros”, the mark of the National Currency and Stamp Factory, “FNMT”, and within a circle a ship and a five-pointed star.

According to the information of the aforementioned media, on its obverse the current King and Queen of Spain Don Felipe VI and Doña Letizia are presented and on the upper part in a circular direction and in capital letters, the legend FELIPE VI Y LETIZIA.

At the bottom of the coin the legend is highlighted in capital letters SPAIN and its year of minting, 2022, separated by a fleur-de-lis as a symbol of the Bourbons.

Exclusive 40 euro coin to be launched by Spain. Photo: AS.

As the text highlights, ever since the euro replaced the Spanish peseta, the member countries of the European Union have the power to make legal tender money in their coin factories with images alleging historical and renowned facts.

Although this coin does not replace the most commonly used banknotes such as ten and twenty euros, it will have a special meaning for lovers of numismatics.

Its symbolism is not only reduced to what was previously expressed. The emblematic ship Victoria will also be present, aboard which the sailor Juan Sebastián Elcano completed the journey begun by Ferdinand Magellan.

The launch of the 40 euro coin is scheduled for this fall in Spain.

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