The FER High Performance project starts with the birth of the Madrid CAR

The project to lead national rugby to sporting excellence in the training of future talents, this Monday experienced a first and exciting chapter with the starting gun of the Madrid High Performance Center, the first of the academies that the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER), in collaboration with Autonomous Federations and clubs, intends to launch this year.

The Puerta de Hierro Sports Park will host the training center in which the best players in the Community of Madrid, between 15 and 18 years old, will develop their individual skills every week under the orders of a specialized work team, with Valentín Telleriarte, current Complutense Cisneros.

The invaluable logistical support of the Madrid Federation of Rugby, in addition to the facilities provided by the capital’s clubs when making their most experienced talents available to the national academy, have been decisive in laying the foundation stone of a project considered vital for the growth of Spanish rugby. An ambitious task that began a little over half a year ago at the hands of Raúl Pérez, technical director of XV de la FER, and Mar Álvarez, coordinator of the physical preparation of all the national teams.

“It is a great satisfaction for all of us who are immersed in this project to have launched it”. This first contact has served, above all, for them to see what the dynamics are going to be like within the Center, to agree on the things that we are going to offer them and also the commitment and responsibilities that we are all going to have to take on. We have spoken with the parents and we have explained the process and that we are open to listening to them with any doubts that may arise”, Pérez explained. The interaction with the Federation and Madrid clubs has led to the birth of the first CAR. “We will have a dynamic in which, after each session, We will make reports on what they trained and at what intensity, which we will send to Madrileña and the clubs”.

The technical director of XV of the FER advanced the guidelines of the work that boys and girls are going to develop: “They will have three sessions a week of two hours each (field work, classroom and individual). It is a new process, above all, in intensity. Most of the work will consist of enriching them individually.” Since the Madrid academy is a reality, the eye of the manager from Rosario is already focused on the next step in the project. “The next steps would be the implementation of the CARs in Catalonia, Valencia and Valladolid, with the possibility of having a fifth”.

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