The festival that unites cinema and music reveals the programming of its 2022 edition

From Thursday the 22nd to Sunday the 25th of September, the festival stagean event that exhibits documentary audiovisual productions from around the world with themes related to music. The appointment will be at Lugones Room (Av. Corrientes 1530, CABA) but the event can also be seen online since until October 23, 35 titles are presented for free on the streaming platform Qubit.

“Festival Escenario is an initiative that seeks to unite in a single space the enormous number of films about music that are produced annually both in Argentina and around the world, thus demonstrating the variety of approaches and the quality that the musical documentary genre has reached in the last years”, they explain from the organization.

Among the online programming of the Lugones room you can count the argentinian film An Êzîdî tale by Pablo Tosco which is selected in the Official International Feature Competition, a section in which they also compete A Sound of My Own Y LCDB – The Documentary. There is also the Chinese short Girl with a Thermal Gun of Rongfei Guo in the Official International Competition for Short and madrasaha German production that is part of the Philip Hartmann Focus, among others.

Among the national films that will be screened will also be Don’t let the show endthe Cordovan documentary about Fabián Show; the art of music by Nahuel Ugazio and the film Celebration of the 15 years of the Trova Rosarina. The Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes Focus will also be presented with five titles, including string theory (2011) and Chaotic in the Official International Short Film Competition.


From September 22 to October 23, free (with prior registration), on the Qubit platform.

Also screened at the Sala Lugones from September 22 to 25

Official International Short Film Competition
then and today(Argentina, 2022, 17´). Direction: Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes.
Girl with a Thermal Gun(China, 2020). Address: Rongfei Guo.
Hit Like a Woman(Canada, 2021). Address: Tamarzee Nozee.
Pripyat Piano(Czech Republic, 2020). Direction: Eliška Cílková.
Au revoir Jerome!(France, 2022). Direction: Chloé Farr, Gabrielle Selnet and Adam Sillard.


(Argentina, 2022). Direction: Alan Garvey.Official International Feature Competition
A Sound of My Own (Germany, 2022). Director: Rebecca Zehr.
LCDB – The Documentary (Argentina, 2022). Address: Gaston Marin.
The Lost Record (USA, 2021). Direction: Alexandra Cabral and Ian Svenonius.

An Êzîdî tale(Argentina, 2022). Direction: Pablo Tosco. Panorama
That the show does not end (Argentina, 2021). Address: Daro Ceballos.
Yellow (Uruguay, 2021). Direction: Eduardo Lamas.
Two Tempos (Brazil, 2021) Direction: Pablo Francischelli.
Something wild. the baby story (Spain, 2021) Direction: Paco Ortiz.
Trombonists (Argentina, 2021). Direction: Luciano Giardino.

the art of music(Argentina, 2021). Address: Nahuel Ugazio. Spotlight Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes
string theory (Argentina, 2011)
Synapse | Photo (Infrasound #1) (Argentina, 2015)
Cataphoresis | Norman Bates (Infrasound #2) (Argentina, 2015)

Res Nullius | Dror Feiler’s No, Noise Orchestra (Infrasound #3)(Argentina, 2018)

then and today

(Argentina, 2022, 17´)
Sample of Animation Shorts Phones
(Mexico, 2021). Direction: Gabriela Badillo. A Guitar in the Bucket
(South Korea, 2021). Direction: Kim Boyung. Fall of the Ibis King

(Ireland, 2021). Direction: Mikai Geronimo and Josh O’Caoimh.

Tehura (Canada, Tahiti, 2022). Direction: Wei Li.
Czech Shorts Spotlight Old Gramophone’s Ghostly Tones
(Czech Republic, 2021). Address: Zuzana. ?upová
(Czech Republic, 2021). Direction: Martina Tomková and Kryštof Ulbert. delimitation (Czech Republic, 2021). Address: Tereza Vejvodova.

Pripyat Piano(Czech Republic, 2020). Direction: Eliška Cílková.
Focus Philip Hartmann
From the 84 days / From the 84 Days / Aus den 84 Tagen(Germany, 2021)Microphone 2 (Germany, 2021)

madrasah (Germany, 2022). Directed by Philipp Hartmann

Bailing out
Celebration of the 15 years of the Trova Rosarina(Argentina, 1997) Tributes

–Nelly Dors and the Comets (Argentina, 2022). Direction: Ivan Wolovik.–One Plus One (aka Sympathy for the Devil) (UK, 1968). Direction: Jean-Luc Godard.

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