The fifth version of the Range Rover hit the market | Trends

One of the luxury vehicles most demanded by kings, sheikhs and billionaires arrived in the country this week, your ‘majesty’ the Range Rover luxury 4×4 SUV.

(Land Rover will be electric and hydrogen).

In its fifth version recently presented to the world, the brand preserves the luxury and sophistication that can be accessed from $1.1 billion.

Taking care of every detail, the SUV preserves its sobriety on the outside and, with its particular style, all the luxuries inside and under the hood.

In Europe they compare it with the Rolls Royce SUV or with Bentley and they give the award to the Range Rover. Traveling in the second row is an experience that offers first-class comfort and luxury and the relaxation of a spa, if desired.

(Brands of electric vehicles that have the most license plates in Colombia).

With 400 horsepower, this light hybrid surprises with the technology that it includes in every place you look. As in the whole world, it will offer in the country all the configurations that its clients want. To the point of delivering a version with 25 centimeters longer in the cabin, and a configuration of 5 or 7 seats depending on the request.

Although for the common citizen the price is gigantic, the novelty is that it was presented this week and the first shipment has already sold out, so it already has clients who requested a special configuration and, for next year, the plug-in hybrid will arrive (with autonomy of 100 kilometers in electric mode). In the SUV, all 4 wheels are steered so that at low speeds they turn in the opposite direction. to increase the angle of rotation and at high speed they do it in the same direction as the steering wheel to better take corners with more grip.

(So ​​far in 2022, 732,601 vehicles have been transferred in the country).


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