the first global events and their rewards. We tell you!

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Tower of Fantasy is ready to be enjoyed and it is time to get fully into the game to tell you what are the first global events to be held in version 1.02. For this reason, in the following guide we will tell you all the details about it so that you can obtain great rewards. Do not miss it!

Tower of Fantasy Guide: The First Global Events

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This event will last 21 days from the creation of the character. To participate, we will have to complete the main story “Intruders of the ecological station” and we will unlock the rewards page. While this lasts, a series of specific missions will have to be carried out to get the rewards. Among these, a box of SSR weapons, golden core and proof of purchase stand out.

enrollment milestone

Of August 11 to February 6 From 2023, we will be able to enjoy this event that requires us to have completed the main mission “Intruders of the ecological station”. To celebrate, 6 milestone rewards will be released and sent to the backpack. Dark crystals and gachapon coupons will be sent to the corresponding balances. We can also unlock cosmetics.

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pioneer gift

Of August 11 to February 6 2023, this event will allow us to get the following rewards:

  • Nemesis Amplifying Goggles
  • core of gilding
  • SR Relic Fragment Box
  • Prayed

To do this, we will have to have completed “Intruders of the ecological station” and we will unlock the rewards page.

Limited Nemesis Deposit

Of August 11 to 31, we can use the red core to make Special Orders. The chance of getting a limited weapon will increase during this time. We will also be able to use special coupons to place Special Orders during the Rebuild of Yesteryear. The chance of getting Limited Matrix will increase during this time.

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