The first person Eddie Van Halen called as soon as he quit drugs: a controversial artist

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There was an artist who became the first call of the legendary Eddie Van Halen just quit drugs. A musician who held the first place among the priorities of the legendary guitarist. And it is that, the always controversial Ted Nugent has revealed in the program ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk’ from SiriusXM (via blabbermouth), that Eddie called him as soon as he beat his addiction.

Additionally, Nugent reflected on their Van Halen friendship, how fond they were of each other, and how important it was to him: “What a great man he was. What a force to be reckoned with, how he enriched our lives with his musical genius.”

“And let me clarify, in case Howard Stern, his lying thugs are listening, because they made up a fucking lie on ‘The Howard Stern Show’, that I was jealous of Eddie and that we had a dispute over guitar playing. What a bunch of fucking liars.”

“Eddie and I were very close friends. When Eddie got clean and sober, guess who he made his first phone call to? To me. Because I lovingly insisted that he get drugs, alcohol and tobacco out of his life. I did it lovingly, and he resisted, like most people, but we had a wonderful relationship

“But my point is: Eddie Van Halen, we all love the gift he gave us. There was never a negative moment between me and Eddie.. He and I get along very well. And we liked the same kind of music. And he had a miraculous touch on the guitar, and I had my own touch. And that moment, with those two different guitars and two different gear, shows that he really is in the hands of the individual. And it was a great, great moment. I treasure that moment.”

In this sense, a few months ago, Ted Nugent spoke of Van Halen as the best guitarist he had ever seen: “He was so diverse not only in his histrionics but in his groove. He had an amazing organic sense of rhythmnot only in his exciting lead guitar parts, but also in his white boy groove.”

It challenged the story of who can make such a beat. Because I come from the world of Motown’s Funk Brothers, so I know what the gods of groove look and sound like. And Eddie Van Halen, the times I played with him, and just listening to the records, you can say that he had an amazing sense of rhythmuncannySuperman, beyond his outrageous athleticism on the guitar neck.

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