The gaming chair for which streamers sigh, €120 reduced

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If there is a chair that makes the difference compared to other models that we can find on the market, that is precisely this one. HP, the Citadel. One of the most sought after by all users, and that many streamers already use in their live shows, is at an insane price at PcComponentes.

And it is that, as you know and we have been telling you this week, in PcComponents they are throwing the house out the window (almost literally) with the Orange Days. Among them, this gaming chair from the HP Omen gaming division. And it is because of its construction, comfort and design that will fool the most gamers you won’t find one like it.

And it is that comfort is important when you sit in front of the PC to play or work, right? Well, before continuing, we would like to leave you the link to it so you can take a look at it:

Why does this HP gaming chair stand out so much?

We mean, do you see it? Its design is authentic madness at the height of the most demanding, and among them the streamers. It’s perfect for those marathon gaming or work sessions; You will not resent it and the hours will pass as if there were no tomorrow. Comfortable, highly aesthetic and why not say it, an object of desire for many. Here you have tips for buying a gaming chair.

It has a design with a spacious appearance, enough to accommodate people of any size: whether you are not very tall or if you reach two meters, this chair is designed to be comfortable for all audiences. Also, features extra thick cushions and a sizable, high-tier backing that will shrink you.

HP Omen gaming chair

Of course, this model cannot lack regulation in height and tilt it locks in place. Nor is it lacking, as you could well imagine, pillows for lumbar and neck support.

But that is not all. And it is that the armrest of this chair is unique in the market, because allows adjustment up to 4D. You will be able to rotate it up, down, front to back and side to side in order to find the optimal position.

will guarantee you a durable design over the years… And it is capable of supporting up to 136 kg with a 5-star steel base, complemented by the unique design of HP OMEN, its gaming division (of which we have already seen laptops, desktops , peripherals…).

How much can it be yours for?

This great question has an answer that will leave you surprised: you can usually get this HP chair for about 399.99 euros. However, with a 30% offer on PcComponentes on the occasion of the Orange Days, you can take it to your desk for €279.98.

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