The great sequels of Nacho Palau after ‘Survivors’: “He can’t breathe”

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The end of ‘survivors‘ arrived two weeks ago with the victory of Alexander Grandson in her final against Marta Peñate. A contest marked by emotion until the end and in which there was no clear favorite, and where the contestants have given everything for everything, as Nacho Palau.

The ex-partner of Miguel Bosé has dragged some great sequels after being expelled in the final of the program, being in fourth position. Barely two weeks after finishing his adventure in Honduras, already in Spain, he has had to face a series of problems, such as an allergic reaction to something that they could not identify within the reality show, and that Kiko Matamoros relates to the tarantula that he ate.

The contestant had to be treated at the end of the contest, and could not be present at the final debate due to a problem that continues to drag on today. “have trouble breathing”, they have assured from ‘Sálvame’ this same Friday, and as you have been able to know ‘Ten minutes’had to go to Hospital Clinic of Valencia for a series of medical tests.

They don’t know what’s going on

“He’s in the hospital, but He is doing some tests for the intoxication he caught in Honduras. Since they didn’t look at it in time, Being so long with that intoxication and ‘stuck batteries’ and not being able to breathe, they want to observe him. He cannot breathe and is undergoing treatment to calm his pain. They don’t know what it is”, Desirée Rodríguez has confessed.

Lydia Lozano maintained for her part that “have breathing problems, which is what worries them the most. That’s why it didn’t last long in the apnea test. Now they are doing all kinds of tests because the worst thing is that they don’t find out what’s wrong”. And it is that this intoxication has made his health worse over time, having arrived at the hospital with a very swollen face.

Another thing that worries his friends is that neither Nacho Palau himself nor his family have spoken out, nor have they responded to the messages sent by their colleagues, who are waiting to know their diagnosis. “He always answers very quickly. I have called him, I have written to him and he has not answered me. I do not know anything about him”, he confessed Martha Penate.

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