The happiness of Boncó Quiñongo to reunite with his daughters in Miami

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The Cuban humorist Conrado Coglealias Boncó Quiñongo burst with happiness this week, upon meeting again with his older daughters who lived in Cuba, who made the Nicaraguan route to reach the United States.

“My daughters’ arrival in Miami, this is the best,” wrote the popular Cuban humorist on his Facebook profile, along with a video where he is seen walking through the Miami Airport and then hugging his older daughters.

The video on Facebook has accumulated more than 200,000 views and hundreds of congratulations from his followers and colleagues, including the Cuban influencer known as Yessy World, who wrote to him: “Many congratulations, my little brother.”

“My two princesses just arrived. We are already here. All my mulatto women are here already,” added the Cuban comedian. In addition to these two daughters, Boncó has two other little ones, who did not attend the reception at the airport because they were at school.

Bonco and his daughters

In June of this year, Boncó managed to reunite in the Dominican Republic with his two daughters and his mother. From Miami, he, his two children and his wife traveled. “Right now google ‘happy man’, ‘happy man’, ‘fulfilled man’ and this photo will come out,” the comedian wrote on that occasion.

Boncó is a very familiar person. In 2020, he publicly lamented the death by Covid, of his uncle Luis Álvarez.

“My dear Uncle Luis. My aunt Luisa, as I used to call him since I was a child, to laugh with him about his things. Rest in peace. God keep you and may the saints take care of you in your final resting place. Now I just want to remember how nice and beautiful we spent. That’s how I want to remember you. Rest in peace Luis Álvarez Morejón. I love you very much. Very much”, concluded the actor, who made himself known through the Cuban television program “Sabadazo”.

Boncó has lived in Miami since 2005, where he managed to continue his comedy career on local television. In 2019 she also acted in the film “Plantados”.

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