the haptic keyboard of iOS 16 has some impact on the battery

One of the many novelties that brings us iOS 16 is to be able to receive a haptic response of our iPhone as we type. A very interesting functionality that, on the other hand, has its impact on the battery, as Apple warns us.

An impact that will always depend on the use

Apple warns us about it in a new support document in which he simply states that “turning on keyboard vibration can affect the battery life of the iPhone”. The truth is that making the Taptic vibrate Engine with each keystroke has a cumulative effect, but here you have to take into account the hours of use.

Like other features on our iPhone, keyboard vibration has a greater or lesser impact on battery life depending on how much we type. If, due to our use of the iPhone, we suspect that this vibration could represent a significant energy expenditure, we could try to disable it and check if we notice changes.

Let us remember that we can enable or disable keyboard haptic feedback from the app Settings. We just have to get into sound and vibrationstap on keyboard response and turn on or off Vibration. From here, by the way, we can also activate or deactivate the sound emitted by the keys.

As we have already said on more than one occasion, on battery issues, in general, it usually comes out much cheaper to use the iPhone quietly and consider a replacement battery life after a few years we start disabling features that have an impact on how we enjoy the phone.

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