The hard childhood of Becky G: extreme poverty, without the possibility of finishing her studies and forced to work

Becky G She has established herself as one of the most important urban singers of today. At 25 years old, she has already won countless awards and has released songs as viral as Seniors, No Pajamas either So-and-so.

Everything indicates that the American has had a fairly comfortable life that has allowed him to develop as an artistHowever, it is quite the opposite.

Becky G lived a very hard childhood and it is a subject that the singer has never hidden, since she intends to raise awareness about how dangerous it is for the little ones who go through the same thing as her.

Becky G had to move into her grandparents’ garage

The last time he talked about it was when he became the cover of Teen Voguewhere he explained that, with the economic crisis of 2008, his family lost all their money and they had to move to their grandparents’ garage in Mexico.

“We lost our house with the crisis [financiera] 2008. My parents were broke and we had to mark ‘homeless’ on our lunch applications. I remember how embarrassing it was that they took away my lunch for being in the red,” confessed the interpreter of Sin pajamas.

Years ago, the star participated in a gathering with young people, Activatewhere he confessed how terrible it had been to live in poverty: “I remember my mom crying because it was a reality check when we realized that we had nothing”.

Becky G’s salary was the only one that entered her house

She was the one who had to support her family financially, so she stopped studying and did not graduate from high school. At the age of 15, all the money that came into the house was his. For her, it was a very hard moment, what she has defined as “parentalization… when you become the emotional confidant of a father.”

His first jobs were when he was 10 years old. in the world of entertainment, recording commercials, which before leaving school, caused him serious problems with his classmates.

The girls at her school bullied her for being an actress.

they bullied him and this was one of the reasons that forced him to leave school.

In Telemundoopened up about it and revealed: “They beat me up in the girls’ bathroomIt was not easy, but with the support of my family I managed to overcome it. It was a very difficult time for me, but I never thought that I would not overcome it and they made me feel that everything is possible.”

Despite not having studies, Becky G managed to educate herself and get ahead. She did it thanks to “all self help books” that already devoured his “street smarts”.

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