The historic Can-Am presents its first two electric motorcycles

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Can-Am is a brand known for producing recreational vehicles, mostly small SUVs and quads, but in its day it also made motorcycles. He started doing it in the seventies and now, to celebrate half a century since that date, he announces his return to the sector of the two wheels. It does so twice and in the form of electric motorcycles.

The manufacturer has presented Origin Y Press, two models of quite different cuts, but that will share the mechanical section. This is a fairly early announcement, since until August 2023 Specifications will not be fully disclosed. And we still have to wait one more year for motorcycles to be launched on the market.

The Legacy of Can-Am Motorcycles

The Can-Am Origin It is the one that collects the heritage of the original motorcycles of Can Am: a trail concept model that offers versatility both on and off the asphalt. It features an upright riding position, a tall handlebar and a front suspension with plenty of travel. The Can-Am Pulsefor its part, adopts the format of a naked, with a lower and more relaxed driving position.

Both share a design language minimalist. They feature a rectangular headlight with rounded corners and combine silver tones with striking yellow accents.

There are also some interesting details, such as a instrument panel which apparently consists of a screen of considerable dimensions.


Of its mechanical section, it has only been revealed that they will use a Rotax e-Power engine and that they will be compatible with level two charging. Much remains to be known, but it seems logical that they are available at the same power level and equipped with the same batteries.

The company claims that They will have high horsepower and torque. and that they will be able to move without problem in the highway at the speed of traffic.

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