‘The house of the dragon’ replaces two of its protagonists

Since the things in Seven Kingdoms of Westeros there are always scrambles at least, fulfilling years in that nation is something that is not within everyone’s reach. But, strange as it may seem, there are people who survive plagues, famines, dynastic massacres, giant reptiles and wildfire sprays… and the house of the dragon it has to reflect it.

In this way, and from its sixth episode, the series of hbo max will take over from two of its most important characters. We talk about Rhaenyra Targaryens Y Alicent Hightower, performed so far by Milly Alcock Y Emily Carey.

From now on, the princess of Westeros and her former best friend (now stepmother and sworn enemy) will be played by Emma D’Arcy Y Olivia Cooke. This is how the series will reflect the 10-year time jump in a plot that plans to cover three decades in the history of Poniente.

How will the public of the show take this generational change? Anyone knows, but one thing is clear: from this moment on, the series will be thrown squarely into the dynastic conflict known as ‘Dance of the Dragons’, which means that his characters are going to start dropping like flies: better not to get too attached to anyone, than George R.R. Martin We already know how they are spent.

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