The iPhone 14 Pro will increase the base storage, in addition to the price

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A few weeks after the launch of the new iPhone 14 we know a lot about the new phones. Just yesterday we learned that Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone 14 Pro will be more expensive. Today we also know that part of the increase in price will be due to the fact that, according to rumours, The iPhone 14 Pro will start with a storage of 256 GB.

More space for content, photos, videos…

According to the prediction launches TrendForce firminstead of starting at 128 GB of internal storage, like the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will start at 256 GB of capacity. A substantial improvement fits very well with other rumors around these phones.

In addition to the new A16 chip and the redesign of the notch to take on a dot-stripe shape, we expect a 48MP cameras and capable of recording 8K video. Some files that, without a doubt, will occupy a more than considerable capacity in our devices. Thus, expanding the base storage is a logical move.

Iphone 14 Chart Trendforce

Already in the past the highest recording qualities of the cameras have been available only for iPhones with more storage, now it seems that Apple wants to make sure we can all enjoy it without worrying about the space occupied.

While we are talking about rumors and predictions, we are approximately two or three weeks from the sending of the invitations to the presentation of the new iPhone 14. There we will clear up doubts both in specifications and in prices. From what we know so far, however, the presentation will be most interesting.

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