The iPhone 14 triggers 21% searches for second-hand products

The presentation of the iPhone is one of the most anticipated events of the year by fans of technology. On September 7, Apple presented its new iPhone 14, a fact that results in important movements in the market, as is the case of the search for the evolution of the prices of previous equipment. This is a fact that is also studied every year from the Milanuncios app. According to the data analyzed, the day after the presentation, iPhone searches grew by 21% compared to the previous day, the highest daily growth since June of this year.

Specifically, the iPhone 13, the model immediately prior to the one recently introduced, has experienced an average daily increase in searches of 7% and the trend has been very similar to iPhone searches. On the same day of the presentation, on September 7, searches for this model grew by 46% compared to the previous day, however, the highest peak of searches was identified in the days before the pre-sale, on September 12 with an increase of 32% in its daily demand.

bullish curve

Apple is historically one of the most demanded second-hand brands, and this year the demand is increasing. Between January and August 2022, searches grew by 32% compared to the same period of the previous year. This is equivalent to the fact that 68% of the total searches that were made in all of 2021 have already been carried out.

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By search volume, in the first eight months of 2022, the iPhone 11 remains the favorite model in second hand with a 35% share of views. It is followed by the iPhone 12 (22%) and iPhone 13 (18%).

Buying a second-hand iPhone has an average price of €448. Specifically, the iPhone 11 can be found for an average price of €439, for its part, the iPhone 13 reaches an average price of €882 in the second-hand market, according to data provided by Inigo Vallejo, Milanuncios spokesperson.


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