the iPhone 15 will have it

The dynamic island is giving something to talk about in the social networks. There are many videos, both from TikTok and Twitter, that have criticized the final result of this innovation. Many criticize that the island cover a part of the screen in certain applications, while others praise its profits. As always, very controversial opinions about it.

The truth is that, regardless of the criticism, there are many brands that are already making their own version of Dynamic Island. An example of this is Xiaomi, where there is already a theme that allows you to make use of this island. In addition, on Android a large number of new features are already coming to light. Applications that allow you to do just this.

Rumors about the iPhone 15 and Dynamic Island

The iPhone 14 just came out, and the networks are already looking for the new ones iPhone 15 rumors. It has been Ross Young himself who has given us more information about it, beyond the dynamic island. And it is that, as he himself has pointed out: “Yes, Dynamic Island will be on the standard 15 models. But 120Hz/LTPO is not yet expected on these models as the supply chain cannot support it.”

In other words, although the iPhone 15 will bring this island with it, we will have to continue betting on Pro and Pro Max models to obtain the best screens. Both the refresh rate improvement and the always on screen they will have to wait a little longer to finally incorporate it into standard models.

What we can be clear about this move by Apple is that Dynamic Island is here to stay, and not just on their phones. As is often the case in this market, there are brands that manage to create a trend with every step they take. And Apple is one of them. Throughout the year 2023 we will undoubtedly see how the dynamic island begins to spread in more and more phones.

For now, only in the iPhone 14 Pro you can enjoy this island. On Amazon it is available for purchase and with guaranteed shipping of between one month and two. And, even if it seems impossible, it is faster What are you going to find right now? Because Apple has managed to run out of stock almost from the get-go.

Is it time to buy the iPhone 13 Pro?

There is a question that has arisen to many users: is this island worth it? Or is this the ideal time to bet on the iPhone 13 Pro? In this sense, you should be the one who analyzes what you really need in a mobile device. However, at Topes de Gama we are quite clear that the iPhone 13 ProMax is, right now, the best telephony bet on the market.

We are talking about a phone that has a screen Super Retina XDR of 6.7 inches with ProMotion, and whose fluidity you will notice from the first moment. In addition, it has some high end cameras that, although it is true that they have worse specifications than the iPhone 14 Pro, continue to be of exceptional quality. The jump at the processor level probably won’t be too noticeable. And, realistically, do you need Dynamic Island?

If you prefer something else affordable, we would bet on the iPhone 13 in its base model. that, moreover, It’s on sale on Amazon right now. For €859 you will be able to have a high-end phone with you, with very top specifications and that is designed to last for many years to come.

iPhone 13 green

It has a system of dual camera of 12 MP that will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, it has night mode and allows video recording in 4K compatible with Dolby Vision. Also the front camera has good specifications, designed so that your selfie always be the best.

Refering to drums, is a phone that has received very positive reviews, just like its older brother. and will allow you enjoy iOS 16 without any problem! It will not matter how many years pass, Apple smartphones always age slower. And this is something that you will be able to quickly notice on the iPhone 13.

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