The James Webb telescope has a problem with one of its instruments and NASA has decided to stop using it until further notice

The NASA has revealed a problem in the James Webb Space Telescope, to such an extent that the agency has decided to stop the exploration program with the tool in question until you can study and develop strategies in order to solve it.

The situation is, says the agency, that the mechanism in one of the four modes of observation that the telescope has, that of Medium Resolution Spectroscopy (MRS) registered on August 24 a greater friction when adjusting it for scientific analysis.

The mechanism in question consists of a wheel that allows scientists to select between different infrared wavelengths, short, medium or long, to make observations using the MRS mode.

However, after conducting preliminary health checks, and some research on the problemit was decided to convene a meeting to assess the best way forward.

Image | Bec Bigg-Wither

For now, NASA has decided pause scheduling of observations using this tool specifically, while continuing to analyze their behavior and developing strategies to return to work as soon as possible.

The agency also noted that the observatory is in good health, and that lThe other three modes of observations of MIRI are operating normally and continue to be available for other types of scientific analysis.

Image | Northrop Grumman

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