The keys to the Marvel’s Spider-Man video game on its arrival on PC

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As of this August 12, the arrival in PC of Marvel’s Spider-Manthe successful and highly praised video game that was previously exclusive only to Playstation consoles.

And in the prelude to that presentation, everyone has to be clear about one detail: in this version there are no new additions, since they sought to be faithful to the already existing content. “This is the same game, there are no new hidden characters or story content or anything like that. It is the same great game brought to PC”, explained Mike Fitzgerald, director of technology at the Insomniac Games studio, in a conversation with Mouse and other South American media.

“Obviously there are some new ways to experience it, with extensive keyboard control or all the widescreen stuff where you’ll see some extra stuff, parts of cutscenes that you might not have seen before, but at its heart it’s the same game,” he added. the developer.

But why bring the game to PC? Why explore a new platform? The answer is quite simple for the people of Insomniac, the developers of the game in its version of Playstation. “We’re very excited to see how we can bring these games in front of new gamers, new audiences that haven’t been able to enjoy them on Playstation until now,” Fitzgerald said. “And with Nixxes Software joining us as part of Sony, it was a great opportunity to revisit some franchises and games that could be good to bring to a new audience, it just came naturally,” he added explaining that they are also excited about the future release on PC. of the game centered on Miles Morales.

“And I’m going to be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of anger from Playstation gamers, I think people are excited that we’re reaching that new audience and getting more people to play them because they’re also huge fans of video games. I just hope they see it as an additional experience and are excited for more people to play, “said the executive about the transfer of an exclusive from the Sony console to a new platform.

That’s why Fitzgerald remarked that the number 1 priority was that PC gamers “feel that the work was respectful of their platform, to make sure that they were looking for it. That we embraced the mouse and keyboard, ensured graphical configurability, that could take advantage of the best hardware that is available. That was the most important thing for us, that PC gamers felt that we did the game justice and that they were seeing what they want to see.”

For his part, Jurjen Katsman, founder and development director of Nixxes, who worked on the transfer to this new platform, explained that the challenge of transferring the video game to a PC environment where there are so many different configurations represented a different challenge than what is work on consoles.

“But it also wasn’t the case where we necessarily had to review how the game would work on thousands of different configurations and systems,” he said.

“And Mike already addressed it. It’s the same game, there are also some unique features, and personally I spent hours navigating the city with the mouse and keyboard, I could quickly move and that made it a quite different experience than a gamepad, “he said. “So there’s new stuff in there, but at the core it’s the same game,” Katsman added.

The video game will be available on PC through Steam and the Epic Games store.

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