The life change of Priscilla Delgado: from ‘Los Protegidos’ to success in the United States

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Life takes many turns for everyone, including Priscilla Delgadowho during her childhood became one of the most famous faces on television in Spain thanks to her role as Lucía in the popular Antena 3 series, ‘The Protected’with whom he grew up and became a star.

Not only did he participate in said series, but he also appeared in other series such as ‘Paco’s men’, ‘The girl from yesterday’, ‘Hunters of men’, ‘fragile’, ‘Tell me a story: Snow White’Just before Christ’ Y ‘disappeared’. In addition, she jumped to the big screen hand in hand with Almodóvar in ‘Juliet’later went through ‘The witches of Zugarramurdi’and recreated in ‘Abra Cadabra’.

However, the role for which he is most remembered is still that of ‘Los Protegidos’, a series that lasted three years, between 2010 and 2012, and which ended up becoming one of the favorite plots of the audience, who clamored for the return of their actors, and so they had it, with ‘The Protected: The Return’, in which some participated, but not Priscilla, who has been following a different course, specifically on the other side of the Atlanticwhere he moved to pursue his dream of making it in the industry.

It all came about during a shoot in Barcelona, ​​where they put him in contact with who are now his agents. “From the age of 12, in 2015, I have not stopped doing castings and auditions in English. It has been a very difficult journey, they They encouraged me to perfect my language, but it wasn’t until 2019 that I decided to take the leap, go live and study my last year of high school in Los Angeles.”, he confessed in an interview granted to Woman.

The actress moved to the United States in 2019, even before the pandemic, where she studied at the Orange County School of the Arts. Now, at 20 yearshis life has changed, and a lot, as well as his physical appearance, and it is that he no longer triumphs only in our country, but he does it beyond our borders, in Hollywood.

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