The live music boom: behind the remarkable revival of the scene in Buenos Aries

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After the trial and error period of late 2020 and much of 2021, live music in the city once again saw numbers similar to those before the start of the pandemic. “We are with sold-outs one after the other, we needed the rhythm of shows to return to what is going to be normal now,” he says Diana Glusbergprogrammer of Niceto Club. In the first months, the festivities of the club 69 Y Bresh crowded the room while the concerts took time to reach that same level of attendance. time passed, Rally Barrionuevo sold out three performances, and Marilina Bertoldi he arrived in an hour at the sold-out for the review in two nights of his album sex with models.

A similar journey occurred in the Matienzo Cultural Club. “It’s perceived that the public needed that,” he says. Alan Fabulousfrom the Almagro venue, reviewing the call for parties such as the puto Y The Cumbiero Embrace. “Today it is more normalized with the concerts. It was complicated because we made an expense to put everything according to the protocols hoping that people would come, and it began to do so very little by little”, he explains before reviewing a program that usually includes fifteen functions per week from Thursday to Sunday and that is complete with cinema, exhibitions and performing arts.

For Horace Pessagnoof Backroomthe reactivation came from February and March, with the bet focused on cycles of Stellar, Massacre Y Doesn’t paleand also the opening of the curatorship to artists such as karina Y Lazarus Knight. The call in the San Telmo room seems to avoid the economic present. “He who predicts something and is right is lucky, but I bet that the second semester will be closer to the years before the pandemic,” he completes.

On a smaller scale, in cafe berlin they also ensure a positive balance at the ticket office. “We have functions from Tuesday to Sunday, with several sold-outs and we never go down from the middle of the room, we never had to suspend”, remarks the producer Javier Celoriawhose strong point is the venue’s programming for 150 spectators, which ranges from Chango Spasiuk Y Theresa Parody a Julieta Venegas Y Fabiana Cantilogoing by Hugo Fattoruso, Richard Coleman Y the loved ones.

With a similar room capacity, in Strummer’s Barthe spot managed by Leo De Cecco Y Luciano Scaglioneof attack 77, highlight that June was only the first month in which they noticed the economic impact on the public. “All the time they are writing bands contacting each other to play. March, April and May were our three best convening months. A few days ago it hit baccaratand that brought an audience that might not otherwise have come to the place”, explains the drummer.

What everyone seems to agree on is that, just as other times leisure was the first cut that the public made to their personal budget, today there is an opposite effect. “We have cheap tickets because we want everyone to come, people need to recover that,” they say of Matienzo. In a similar vein, Pessagno analyzes: “It is more profitable to spend money on a concert than to save it, at least it enriches your soul”. And, with remarkable power of synthesis, Glusberg He concludes: “Why are you going to save half a peso if tomorrow it will be worth nothing?”

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