The Logistics Hall of Fame has two new members and two organizations

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For the first time, the jury of the logistics hall of fame made up of 70 personalities from the world of science, politics and the media from 13 countries, has given a place in its organizational chart not only to two new members (George Raymond Sr. and Oliver Richter) but also two organizations (UIC and EPAL).

George Raymond Sr (1890-1967) is he founder of The Raymond Corporation and inventor of the double-sided wooden palletpatented in 1939 and considered the first professional wooden pallet in the world, while Oliver Richter (1920-2014) discovered the potential of a pool rental closed for cargo carriers and successfully established the current Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP) system What pool rental company closed internationally while serving as commercial director of Brambles.

Similarly, the UIC (International Union of Railways) was in charge of introducing Euro pallet in 1961. Within the framework of a working group, this organization promoted the pallet standardization and forced all the signatories of an agreement to comply with the rules both to manufacture and to repair the Euro pallet.

Finally, in the mid-1970s, the Gütegemeinschaft Palettencurrent national committee of EPAL, partially assumed the distribution and quality assurance of the Euro pallet. The European Pallet Association (EPAL), which was formed from it in 1991, has successfully developed the idea of ​​the pool and has guaranteed the quality of the Euro pallet.

Anita Wurmser, Executive President of the Jury of the Logistics Hall of Fame, assures: “The invention of the pallet, and even more so the establishment of pools of operational pallets, is one of the greatest milestones in logistics, as significant as the container invented by Malcolm McLean. Without standardized pallet systems, high-performance logistics in the 21st century would be inconceivable. The fact is that after the introduction of pallets, the loading times of trucks and freight cars were reduced by up to 90%. The transport technology and the shuttle systems of the highly automated warehouses are adapted to the dimensions of 800 x 1,200 x 144 millimeters of the Euro pallet”.

Both organizations and members will be officially included in the logistics hall of fame in a gala reception chaired by Volker Wissing, German Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, the 2November 9 in the Wintergarten of the KaDeWe department store in Berlin.

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