The magic function of your Android to save a lot of battery

Users worry excessively about the battery of their mobile and it is not for less, because we are all afraid of running out of energy when we need it most, either for a long trip or simply to be able to communicate at all times. That is why Android has multiple functions to save batterybut there is one in particular that offers greater effectiveness.

Nowadays, all mobiles are equipped with high-capacity batteries that allow us to enjoy our device for approximately 24 hours. However, there are situations in which even with such a long duration we still need a little more and to extend your life to the fullest there is the extreme battery saving mode.

The battery of your Android almost infinite

Before delving into this issue in depth, it is important to point out that this function does not receive the same name on all smartphones under the Android operating system. This means that you may not find it named as “Extreme battery saving”, but may appear with the term “Maximum power saving” or “Super battery saving mode”. It all depends on the manufacturer in question, so check the corresponding section carefully.

This option to save energy on your Android phone carries out specific settings on your device to reduce battery wear to the max. Among the actions it executes are the following:

  • Restriction of activities in the background (notifications will not appear, for example).
  • Reduces shine.
  • Set dark mode to fixed.
  • Lower system performance (disable 5Gdecreases processor power, shortens animations…)
  • It only allows you to open a limited number of applications.

This greatly increases the remaining battery life, so if you have a low percentage or you need your smartphone to last until the end of the night, it is advisable to make use of this option. Otherwise, you may find yourself completely cut off if an unexpected problem arises.

How to activate the setting

The first thing is to clarify that this function is easily exposed and that you do not have to resort to any strange method for it. In fact, the system shows it at first sight just by accessing the indicated section. Here we show you the simple steps to follow to enable this setting:

  1. Open the settings of your Android mobile.
  2. Swipe until you find the “Battery” section.
  3. Among the different options, “Extreme battery saving” or its other denominations should appear.

save battery

Just before activating the setting, a small tab will appear out of nowhere with relevant information about the settings. consequences of doing it, among which you can see some of those that have already been mentioned above. Click on “Accept” and at this precise moment the system will reduce the resources to relieve energy and reduce consumption.

The change is quite significant, since you can get to double maximum battery lifeso don’t hesitate for a second in case you don’t have the charger at hand.

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