The most listened to FIFA soundtracks in history

According to a study conducted by, ‘Heat Wave’ song by English band Glass Animalsoriginally from Oxford, is the most listened to in the history of the FIFA video game with 1.9 billion streams on Spotify.

The research analyzed Spotify data to find out how many streams each song has received. included in a FIFA soundtrack, from FIFA: World Cup ’98 to the game FIFA 22 most recent, released last year.

“Since 1998, the music that accompanies FIFA game menus has slowly but surely become a major selling point. of the game and with each new game comes a new, almost equally anticipated soundtrack,” said a spokesperson.

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The other most listened songs

This investigation came out because Between September 23 and 27, ‘FIFA 23’ will be released, which will be the latest edition of the popular soccer video game which caused a great sensation all over the world.

Second is found The Nights by the late Swedish DJ AVICII, with over 1.1 billion streams. The song was featured on the FIFA 15 soundtrack after its release in late 2014. Billie Eilish’s hit single You Should See Me in a Crown is next on the list, with over 692 million streams, closely followed by Imagine Dragon’s On Top of the World. with 683 million Spotify streams.

Curiously, songs from the 2010s dominate the top 20, with 14 entries in total, including John Newman’s fan-favorite Love Me Againwhich appeared in FIFA 14, ranking 8th overall, with 494 million views.

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