The mother of Cuban actress Belissa Cruz dies

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The Cuban actress Belissa Cruz He released the news of his mother’s death through his social networks, where he shared moving words.

“My life was gone. Mommy you left me ”, expressed Belissa in a heartfelt message on her Instagram profile along with a photo of her mother who was affectionately called Chachi.

“You didn’t expect to see my sister again. The one that she dreamed of arriving full of packages and losing the whole family to Varadero. Who will I have the morning coffee with, who will tell me the chapter of the novel when I can’t see it, you won’t be there by the time Thiago arrives from the circle to wait for him with his surprise…”, reads the emotional post shared by the young, recognized by the Cuban public for his role in the soap opera shared beats.

“I know you fought, but the bastard destiny was stronger. I feel like when a tornado passes and destroys everything, there is an enormous silence and only the whistling of the wind is heard. You left me with your damn grandson. My mother, I keep your smile, your joy, your stories, your songs, “added the actress, who did not specify the cause of her death.

Belissa confessed in her message that she was not prepared for her mother’s death, “I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I have a son, a grandmother and a sister who are the reason for my resistance. But this is stronger than me. Forgive me if I cry too much (…) you gave me a hard thrust. I didn’t expect this one.”

Claritza Cruz, Belissa’s sister, also shared her feelings from a distance, which makes each loss even more painful.

“I think we will never be prepared for these things, I missed so many things to tell you, I missed so many hugs, so many scoldings. You missed meeting the children that one day I will have and I am going to tell you about the wonderful grandmother they had, the super mother who started with two girls and raised them without a father because between you and my grandmother they were a universe, “he wrote the young woman on Instagram along with a video with several photos of her mother with her and her sister.

Capture Instagram / Claritza Cruz

In the midst of her pain, there were also promises for her mother: “I promise you, mom, that I will have my restaurant and that it will be named after you, that I will cook all the things you like and that I will continue to drink coffee. in the morning, that I am going to fight very hard so that my grandmother does not lack anything and that every night I am going to look for the star that shines the most because I know it is you”.

Family and friends left condolences and messages of support for Belissa and Claritza.

“Oh, my cousins, how sorry we are for the loss of your mommy, my aunt, such a good woman, a good mother, a good daughter, it seems a lie to us, we will always remember her,” the niece of the deceased wrote on Facebook.

“Beli I have no words, that’s how I want to remember her and we’ll hug. A lot of strength my girl, “said another person close to the family.

Several Cuban artists expressed their condolences in the actress’s publication.

“My sister, I give you a big hug from a distance, I send you all my support and strength, this is not enough, but I join your pain… strength and kisses for everyone,” wrote the musician Alain Pérez.

“We are all devastated, he will be missed forever!” he said. Tahimi Alvariñowho like Belissa recently participated in the program Live the story.

also the cuban vedette Rebecca Martinez He added to the condolences: “I am so sorry that you are going through this immense pain.
Hugs, lots of strength and blessings.


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