The new iPads Pro are leaked by accident. they would arrive in october

A few weeks ago, Apple celebrated its most important Keynote of the year, the same one in which we have met the new iPhone 14, the most advanced mobile phones of the brand in its history. But it is also time to discover the most powerful tablets that the North American firm has ever launched, which will be the following iPad Pro, and of which we have now learned new data. And all as a result of an unexpected protagonist, such as Logitech, the most important accessories company on the market. Thanks to that accident, the arrival of at least two iPads Pro has been confirmed.

It has been leaked by the new Logitech pencil

As you know, the smart pencil is the preferred accessory for those who have an iPad Pro, since it fully exploits the possibilities of this tablet. this time has been known the information about new apple tablets, which has unexpectedly appeared in the Logitech smart pen information. And it is that, on the product page of this pencil, the company has inadvertently listed the two new iPads that would arrive next October, and they would be the following:

  • The sixth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • The fourth-generation 11-inch iPad Pro

As expected, after Logitech’s oversight was discovered, the information was immediately deleted from the brand’s website. But it is clear that the information is relevant, since it confirms everything that had been speculated in recent months, especially since it coincides with what had been leaked during this time. So everything points to next October we will have two new iPads Pro with the usual screen size that we have known in recent years.

iPadPro | Manzana

The Keynote where these new iPads Pro are presented is expected to be held in a few weeks, the exact date is not known, where not only the new tablets will be presented. But The new Macs will also have a great role, which should release new versions, both portable and desktop. Therefore, it would be the second most important Keynote of the year for those from Cupertino. About the improvements that these new iPad Pro will release, there are not many details yet.

But you can guess some of them, like the arrival of Apple’s M2 processor, a new generation that gives us even more power. It is also to be expected that better cameras will arrive, who knows if they will release the new 48 megapixel sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro, as well as better equipped screens. The normal thing is that OLED technology improves and even that their resolution can be increased. However, Apple could give us “One More Thing” with an even larger iPad, in fact, there has been speculation with a new version. This would be between 14 and 16 inches in size, which would make it almost de facto a laptop with the right keyboard.


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