The new Play Station model that Sony has prepared for 2024

The PS5 has given a lot to talk about in recent years and all the gamers They are already expectant to receive the new model that Sony is preparing. In principle, yeswill be released in 2024 but some of the news that the new console will include have already been leaked.

The world of the PlayStation has evolved a lot over time and has become a product widely used by both young and old, The wide range of games includes possibilities for all audiences, from fortnite Going through the FIFA game to others like the Sims or learning games, it makes it very attractive for homes, so much so that it is quite difficult to get hold of the new models.

The leaks in the industry about what the next Sony model will be like are already a reality and 2024 will be the year chosen for it to come to light. The curious are already attentive to all the announcements that are about very interesting changes in the design. Currently the PS5 is marketed in two versions, one that includes the disc player and the other, which is oriented only for digital. What manufacturers want to do is end this division Y create a unique model in which the disc reader is not included. This does not mean that there is not, but that the disc reader must be connected to the PS5 through a USB-C. This means that if the reader breaks for any reason, it is not necessary to change the console but you can buy another one and connect it to the PlayStation.

What is also being talked about is that of the two versions that currently exist on the market, the one with the included disc player could be discontinued, so that there was only the removable model. On the other hand, a Slim console is proposed, which usually arrives years after the sale of a first platform. This deduction makes sense because, since the console does not include a disc drive, the unit could reduce its size and weight, making it lighter and with a different shape.

The arrival of the new console is expected with open arms and the company has already given production data. In the next 2023, Sony plans to produce 18.5 million units of the new console with the idea of ​​covering the demand that is generated. In the case of the previous PS5, there are many who still await its arrival today in long queues waiting for some units to arrive in stores. The little stock has made them highly valued and for this reason the new PlayStation is making plans about their production.

Finally, the changes are going to be noticeable, especially in the model, but it must be taken into account that the hardware included in this version of the console will be basically the same as those currently on the market. The arrival of the new PS5 will change its physical appearance cWith the intention of making it more aesthetic and light to integrate it perfectly into the home. In addition, the price of each console will be increased by 50 euros.


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