The New Version of the EnZona apk v1.9.10.22102 is now available

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A new version of EnZonathe popular e-commerce application designed by the Defense Information Technology Company, is alreadyIt is available for the use of users.

It’s about the version vv1.9.10.22102, this was recently announced through the official digital channels of the developers. In this article, learn about the main changes that this update brings and other details about its characteristics.

What are the main changes in version v. of EnZona?

On this occasion, modifications were reported, which, unlike other times, are not only related to an expansion of the application’s features, but also to the fact that reinforce the safety of operations and make it more optimal. In this sense, the changes are:

  • Update of security certificates
  • Error correction

The application is characterized by being a platform that allows the payment of a wide variety of products and servicesin addition to facilitating other operations if you have associated with it a magnetic card from one of the national banks of Cuba.

With this latest update, have also incorporated other services and improvements. These are :

  • Payment of the telephone service, as well as recharges of Nauta accounts and own cards.
  • Extra box service for withdrawing money in cash in units enabled for this service.
  • Sending postal money orders and tracking them until the time of collection from the beneficiary.
  • Tax payments to ONAT.
  • Payment of manufactured gas in the province of Havana.
  • Take advantage of the boulevard’s shopping options that are organized by province.

How can I access the latest version of EnZona?

The version v1.9.10.22102 of EnZona is available to users from the cuban app store Apklisand you can also Download it from here.

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