The Pentagon hires Inca Digital for a security-focused digital asset mapping tool

Digital asset data analytics company Inca Digital will study the national security implications of digital assets under a one-year contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), according to ad the company on September 23. DARPA is the R&D branch of the United States Department of Defense.

Inca Digital will work on a project called “Digital Financial Asset Impact Mapping”, which aims to create a “cryptocurrency ecosystem mapping tool” to provide information to the US government and commercial companies.

In addition to studying potential money laundering and sanctions evasion, the project will contribute to the understanding of the interaction between traditional and digital financial systems, the flows of money in and out of blockchain systems, and other uses of blockchain. cryptocurrency in areas of concern to the US government. Inca Digital CEO Adam Zarazinsky said in the announcement:

“The Department of Defense and other federal agencies need to have better tools to understand how digital assets operate and how to leverage their jurisdictional authority over digital asset markets globally.”

DARPA program manager Mark Flood declared to The Washington Post: “DARPA is not in the business of surveillance. I emphasize that in this investigation we are careful not to engage in personally identifiable information.”

DARPA has been studying blockchain technology for several yearsboth because of its security implications and because it is a potential tool for its own purposes. In June, it partnered with Trail of Bits to analyze to what extent blockchains are decentralized and what are their vulnerabilities.

Inca received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research for the project. The company is the developer of the Nakamoto Terminal, a system used by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission for market surveillance. It was founded by former Interpol analysts in 2009.

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