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Have you ever lost something and later found it? Well, you still won’t be half as lucky as Randy Bachmann former member of the guess who and of Bachman-Turner Overdrive that he recovered a guitar, which had been stolen from him in a hotel in Toronto, Canada, more than forty-five years later. The guitar came back into his arms and she can hardly believe it.

I told you the story The pirateIt turns out that Bachman had his guitar stolen, an orange 1957 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins, which he bought at a Winnipeg music store more than 4 decades ago and never thought of getting it back. “ANDI am very happy. I’m going to get my lost Gretsch guitar back,” the 78-year-old rocker told CBC News. “It was terrible,” Bachman said in an interview in 2021. “I literally cried the whole night….I loved this guitar so much.” He also joked: “If you never want to forget your anniversary, get married on your birthday. You never forget your wedding anniversary. I will never forget this day,” says Bachman.. Bachman began his own search for him, which lasted decades and came up with nothing. According to various media outlets, the guitar was taken across the border into the United States, where it was sold to a guitar dealer in Japan. A fan started looking for the guitar on the internet and…Bingo! Reports say that Takeshi, a musician who writes for Japanese pop bands, bought it in 2014 at a Tokyo guitar shop, unaware of its history. The fan put them in contact and Randy Bachman met in Tokyo with his much-loved guitar, which helped him compose such emblematic songs as Takin’ Care of Business, American Woman, These Eyes and Undun.

And speaking of guitars, as the Pirate told you, at only 14 years old the leader of Nirvanaback in the 90s, Kurt Cobain he received his first guitar as a birthday present from an uncle. In his words: “As soon as I received my guitar, I became obsessed with it.” . Many media have always said that the first song that Cobain learned the chords was “Louie Louie”. But according to ‘The Independent’ (and half a dozen other newspapers and magazines), the opening riff a 14-year-old Cobain crafted in 1984 was “Back in Black” by AC DC.

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