The plane that will fly from London to New York in 3.5 hours

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    Aviation speed records have their days numbered. the new model Overture will be able to transport almost a hundred passengers from New York to London in three and a half hours when in the year 2029 begins to operate, according to the company that will be in charge of managing the trips. In addition, the new model will be in step with the times with a technology that will reduce the noise caused by your flight and it will be powered by a sustainable fuel to help in the progression of the planet.

    The company Boom supersonic, responsible for this plane, ensures that thanks to computer simulations they have managed to perfect a model that will be available to transport between 65 and 80 people on ultra-fast flights. It is estimated that from the United Kingdom to the east coast of the United States, the flight could be completed in 210 minutes because you will be able to accelerate faster than the speed of light when flying over water.

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    According to Boom Supersonic, the Overture will also allow lowering the cost of flights thanks to the fact that technologies have allowed savings in different aspects. Among them is the fuel use efficiency, which will achieve the objective of being sustainable in its plan so as not to increase the emission of gases into the atmosphere. In addition, the design of the aircraft will facilitate its flight with less expense thanks to aerodynamics and carbon materials of much of the ship.

    On the other hand, have managed to reduce the noise produced by their powerful turbines so as not to disturb passengers during the journey.

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    the first overture construction will begin in 2024, will be ready in the year 2025 and a year later the tests will begin. In principle, tickets for their flights will begin to be sold in 2029 and those responsible for the company have already planned more than 600 different routes among which are joining the United States with Australia in eight hours or with Asia in four and a half hours.

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