The Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022 shares a trailer full of references

There are many streamers who have declared that the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022 It will be the series of the year and, after seeing the official trailer for it, it seems that these statements may be totally true.

We knew that this second edition was going to take place in a game developed from scratch, a rom designed for the occasion. However, what no one could expect is that this new universe would be so careful, so polished down to the last detail.

The aforementioned trailer is full of references. In it we have been able to see winks to League of LegendsDark Souls, One Piece and Dragon Ball or characters as disparate as Rudolph Mascarpone Y Jordi Wild.

We have also known the start date of the series. will be the next October 6so we won’t have to wait long to learn more about everything that the Pokémon Twitch Cup 2022 will offer us.

On the other hand, 32 participants of the series have already been revealed. The long list of players has not left anyone indifferent and, truth be told, it could hardly have been better.

The hype right now it’s through the roof and the trailer has left us wanting much more. Will it be the series of the year? We’ll still have to wait to find out, but expectations couldn’t be higher.


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