The possibility of linking a tablet to your mobile phone is approaching WhatsApp

WhatsApp is still working so that the same account can be used on different devices, and you can even do it without having an Internet connection to start the account and thus return to your chats. Now, through the beta, there is the possibility that one of those devices is a tablet.

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WhatsApp on your tablet with WiFi

until not long ago WhatsApp had its limits And unless you had a tablet with a 4G or 5G connection, that is, with a SIM in it, it was almost impossible to get hold of all your chats, forever being tied to your mobile.

now via WaBetaInfowe know that via companion mode It will be possible to link an Android tablet to a WhatsApp account. It is part of that work carried out by the guys behind the development of this messaging app that allows you to link a second device to an account.

This is how an Android tablet is linked to a WhatsApp account

the free android

The screenshot leaves no room for doubt about that link to a WhatsApp account on the tablet that we have on hand so that so it can be used on up to 4 different devices.

To make the link you simply have to open WhatsApp, go to settings, linked devices and use the QR code to log in and thus synchronize all the chats we have.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Manuel Ramirez

The Free Android

as not, an internet connection is required to be able to start using WhatsApp on this tablet to access the chat history. So you can use your main mobile to a tablet without Internet connection of the same; since the main iPhone itself is an iPhone and you link your Android tablet to it.

This is a new feature that is in beta, so it may be subject to change until it arrives in its final version in the near future.

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