The Predator mask from ‘Predator: Prey’, explained

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One of the aspects that has attracted the most attention in ‘Predator: The Prey’ is that the design of the Predator that Naru facesthe protagonist, is different who could be seen so much in the original 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as in subsequent deliveries. In the film directed by Dan Trachtenbergcan be seen at a more primitive alien whose mask suggests that the alien race itself was also different more than two centuries ago.

Set in 1719, the Predator that the would-be Comanche warrior must face, can be seen barely wears armor and that his most prominent protection is his emblematic mask… only this is not the metallic characteristic that it had in the previous deliveries, but one similar to a skull bone. It is not clear who or what this mask belonged to, but this one also has the ability to see in infrared.

Although it matches the 1987 mask in that it allows you to see in infrared, that of ‘The prey’ shows that their capabilities are more limited, as this shows that the bodies it detects with the infrared sensor are more blurred, forcing a screen to tell the Predator what kind of creature it is looking at. In the 1987 version, this face shield did better capture the shapes that could be seen through it.

the predator mask in the original tape of 1987 it allowed to record voices, something that the primitive carcass of the Predator in the film carried out by Amber Mid Thunder it can not do. This shows that those 267 years ago, the extraterrestrial race to which the alien belongs also had a more rudimentary technology, although more advanced than that of humans in the eighteenth century.

That also implies that improvements seen in the future indicate that the Predators they also sophisticated their own weaponswhich explains why, despite the fact that humanity has continued to evolve, these alien hunters are always one step ahead.

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